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Leapfrog is a proven streetsmart online marketing strategy developed by seelutions and built with a common sense approach to Website Design, Brand Recognition, Social Media,Video Production, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Call (888) 440-4439 to get started or click below.

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Thank you for visiting our website. I conclude you must be searching for a new strategy for your online presence and probably want more customers. Well feel rest assured, you have landed in the right place. At seelutions we specialize in building successful brands. A great brand requires a combination of elements working together harmoniously.

Our Leapfrog strategy creates profitable brands and websites with high visibility and strong conversion rates that get the results you demand… more customers and more profit. We accomplish this with a combination of marketing, design, search engine marketing (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and video.

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Barry Testimonial PictureSeelutions and the Leapfrog program has been a huge help in making our business visible through Internet Marketing. I would highly suggest their service! Their knowledge of Google search is incredible. Their customer service is unmatched. The results have been business changing. We have used other marketing companies and they are by far the BEST!

Google share of the U.S. search market 75%
Google’s share of the U.S. desktop search market 64%
Google’s share of the U.S. mobile search market 89%

Google dominates search engine traffic! Approximately 67% of all searchers choose one of the first 5 search results. Google search statistics

Google now boasts over 100 million searches per month, 2.3 million per second. We have all the tools and experience necessary to move your business into these top results and rankings.

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Maria Testimonial PictureThanks to seelutions, my company’s online visibility has “leaped” forward, enabling shoppers to more easily find us. I’m thrilled with the results: new customers! In six quick months we’ve jumped from #12 in the Google rankings to #2, soon to be #1. I highly recommend their program and services.

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A great website that is never seen…

is simply a great website that is “Never Seen”!

Tip: When choosing an agency to handle your website and SEO services it is imperative they are a top ranked choice in the SEO field! If they cannot acquire a top ranking for their business how do you expect them to do it for your business.

Seelutions is #1

Craig Testimonial PictureWe contacted seelutions to help us build our online presence. It was a great decision! The Leapfrog strategy they employed has worked excellent and the guys at seelutions have been a pleasure to work with. Call them today and get started… you won’t be sorry.

We build strong brands that impact sales.

Our goal is to build a brand that gets you found,

gets you chosen and gets you results!

One brand strategy we employ is the design of a powerful logo that is clean, simple and easily recognized. Your brand will resonate with your target market. We have developed 100’s of corporate logos that make businesses stand out. These impact logos strike clients and customers with a feeling of professionalism and confidence. Our logos are optimized for all forms of media.

Asphalt Roads & Materials Company Virginia Beach VA
Logo Design

Mobile Ads account for 52% of online advertising in 2015

Seelutions Mobile Advertising on Google

Our ad strategy is simple:

Create ads that are targeted with a clear message.

Monitor which ads and actions lead to profit.

Online advertising is quantifiable.

The answers to profitability and ROI are always in the data.

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